Sam MacGeorge – Vigilance Ltd
When Vigilance Ltd took up residence at the ecentre, it was well into its commercialisation phase and starting to connect with potential customers and investors.  
Until that time the business had operated from the founder’s home office.  Vigilance Ltd was looking to lift its professional persona and needed to find a cost effect way to accommodate its physical growth. The ecentre offered a stimulating work space at a cost effective rate and allowed the business to get operational quickly without a lot of the distractions that come with finding and leasing office space.
Sam reports that after relocating to the ecentre they received assistance with access to technical support and have benefited from being in a great environment for general discussion with others business people travelling down the same commercial path.
The ecentre’s proactive approach to bring innovators, customers and potential investors together has also been invaluable to Vigilance and as a result Vigilance has made numerous business contacts both within New Zealand and abroad.  
Given all of the above, I certainly  have no hesitation to recommending the Massey University ecentre to any aspiring IT start-up…it’s a great place to grow from “garage go global”.

Suraya Dewing – The Story Mint
The ecentre has given my business the kind of kick-start it would not have had, had I been trying to start out, unsupported.
I have learnt how to examine whether a business idea is viable, without incurring the heartache of following false leads and finding the idea is a non-starter through the Sprint validation programme.
As I have developed my business, which includes two unique pieces of technology, I have gained in confidence. This comes from knowing the steps to take and the questions to ask when setting up and developing new business concepts.
The ecentre has also put me in touch with experts. The first of these were the Maths and Information Management Systems Department who analysed my research. This work formed the basis of the Style Guide™. Along the way, advisors have guided me on marketing, assisting with grants applications, developing financial models, protecting IP, and much more. The team at the ecentre have raised The Story Mint’s profile in the media by generating publicity and, consequently, we have many supporters wanting us to succeed which is very encouraging. I am particularly grateful for the way the ecentre has advised us on how to win investment and introduced us to potential business clients.
The Story Mint

Brad McEnvoy – Kademi
The ecentre has been incredibly supportive over the last few years, providing advice, a community of mentors, investors and like-minded entrepreneurs. They’ve provided a great place to work when I’ve needed it which is both relaxed and professional. I’ve now got a business well underway with a team of developers across four countries and customers around the globe, and e-centre continues to be a key part of that success.
Brad Booysen

Louis Gordon-Latty – Glory League Stats
The ecentre provided me with exactly what was needed during the formative period in my business. This included a sprint program which helped me to clarify my idea and presentation, access to a network of phenomenal people, funding, advisory, team members and enhanced credibility. The support that ecentre provided me, helped to fill the gaps in my business, encouraged me to be bold and to think internationally from day one. I still have regular contact with the ecentre, and I consider it to be one of the best moves I made early on to take my young business to the next level.  If I was ecentre CEO. He is one of the most trustworthy, well connected and likeable people I have ever met. I couldn’t recommend the ecentre highly enough. An early business is delicate and you need to be in an environment that has your best interest at heart, for this I recommend the ecentre without hesitation.

Martin Danner – Arrowrock
Working with the team at the ecentre is great! They’re knowledgeable, experienced and happy to help. The ecentre is a great way to get your new business pointed in the right direction.