Startup Trends for 2017

Whether you’ve already launched your startup or are giving some serious thought to starting one, keeping current with the trends of the industry can be beneficial. Looking forward, there are a number of startup trends that are already taking shape for 2017.

We should expect to see some of the biggest booms in startup ventures of the entire decade. Artificial intelligence, virtual reality and Internet of Things technologies are all expected to make even bigger waves this year than they did in 2016.

Conversational Interfaces within Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made great leaps and bounds over the last decade. Now in 2017, we look forward to seeing technology we can converse with become standard. Not merely a one-way conversation anymore, but rather a two-sided, back-and-forth exchange across a vast array of topics all related to the user.

The more a user interacts with the artificial intelligence technology, the more the AI itself will learn about the user, thus becoming better equipped to answer questions for a more personalised experience.

We can also look forward to some sneak-peaks into the world of AI to AI communication. This is the year that the tech giants will start talking about creating a standard platform on which artificial intelligences will communicate.

As more products become digital, the demand for greater communication will continue. Siri might be the first AI-enabled product that comes to mind. Amazon’s Alexa is another one. This is a trend that will continue, and has many experts firmly of the opinion that AI is poised to take over.

Virtual Realities becoming more… real

Rumour has it that 2017 will be the year that we say goodbye to the tether and hello to wireless virtual reality (VR) headsets and goggles. How? That seems to be the big question among the tech giants; how are they going to feed the low-latency/high speed graphics to the VR set via wireless or Bluetooth connection?

Fortunately for those wanting to get in on the VR market, there’s never been a better time. Some of the largest tech companies are looking for these answers. If you are working in the VR space, there’s truly a lot of money out there among the Googles, Amazons, and Apples of the world. If your startup can truly innovate, there are many opportunities waiting for you.

There is also plenty of space in the augmented reality (AR) territory for a smaller startup company to make waves. The best-known example of augmented reality may be the incredibly popular “Pokemon Go!” mobile game that was released last year. While gaming expects to be a large market for AR, there are other applications for the technology such as for education, industrial design or the medical fields.

The Internet of Stuff and Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) market may be the most guaranteed of all startup trends. From healthcare, to industry, to home, the technology is expanding at a rapid pace and more companies are incorporating IoT into their products.

In 2016 we had already begun to see the beginnings of IoT long-range, wide area communication using broadband-capable satellites. In 2017 we’ll start to see that same IoT technology expanded upon and incorporated into city streets, helping to create “smart cities.”

IoT might not make huge waves in the minds of everyday people going about their everyday lives, but IoT is all but certain to continue to take off and ingrain itself into more products and industries. From smart lights, to smart fridges, to smart parking meters; if it can be made “smart,” there is undoubtedly a market for it.

The Future Looks Bright

Nothing is for certain, but one common thread in these trends is technology. As technology continues to expand at an exponential rate, whole industries are being redefined along their smart potential.

The old saying may be true that no one has yet to build a better mousetrap. However, that may just be because no one ever thought to add Bluetooth to it yet.

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