Ecentre Sprint
Sprint is ecentre’s signature programme for working with entrepreneurs and startups from the idea stage through to a successful global business. Sprint is a three phase journey, each stage representing a set of milestones to be achieved.

Phase 1: Sprint Foundation

Sprint is a structured and intensive programme that teaches the methodologies and tools of market validation and how to apply them on an idea or business venture. Sprint reduces the risks of being a start up, saving time, effort and money. A group of entrepreneurs journey through the programme together so sharing and helping colleagues is facilitated.

Sprint creates a relationship with ecentre that introduces an entrepreneur to experts, mentors, investors and other entrepreneurs. Experts provide coaching in the best ways to validate ideas and create a scalable business. Entrepreneurs will also learn more about themselves and develop new networks.

Sprint is for entrepreneurs with a business idea and also founders of early stage startups that are getting ready to launch. ecentre selects entrepreneurs who meet the following criteria:

  • Commitment to taking a business idea forward and willing to be coached
  • A business idea that is based on technology or knowledge and is novel
  • A potential market beyond New Zealand
  • Alignment with the experience and expertise of ecentre and Massey University

Sprint helps an entrepreneur to:

  • Achieve faster development of an idea or venture
  • Reduce risk of mistakes during early stages
  • Improve use of scarce resources
  • Create a new network of support and be part of a collegial entrepreneurial team
  • Develop entrepreneurship skills and capability
  • Acquire knowledge and tools for ongoing business applications
  • Use a hot desk and be a part of an entrepreneurial environment


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Phase 2: Sprint Develop

Sprint Develop is an on-going support service for early stage companies.

The service will;

  • Assist the venture to implement tools for market validation and customer discovery
  • Help identify the unique business model for sustainable business
  • Assist the venture to get investment ready and to access funding (government and private)
  • Facilitate building a team and adding an Advisory Board
  • Assist with technical development
  • Identify resource needs and help to meet them
  • Provide a desk and facilities for starting a business


Sprint Develop is for companies that have created a business model and achieved significant validation or are getting ready to launch a business.

Sprint Develop is also a follow on programme to Sprint Foundation for ventures that have:

  • Significant validation of market
  • Validation of technical feasibility
  • MVP developed and tested
  • The beginning of a team or plans to build one
  • Entrepreneurial capability and commitment
  • Ability to present the value proposition to investors


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Here is what some entrepreneurs have said about Sprint:

With the help of the tools we learned we started validating our initial business concept. This involved approaching customers and reporting back to the ecentre with our findings. After two months of customer discovery, we decided to follow a different niche saving us from a failed business model and thousands of dollars of investment. Our Business model now targets a much more profitable segment with a much bigger problem and the opportunity to scale. Brad Booysen, Founder, Storkk

Being part of Sprint is the best decision I have ever made for my business. The learning and support I have received from the ecentre has given me the confidence to grow my business and my sales have doubled. I found the information and support we received as part of Sprint to be relevant and extremely valuable to the ongoing success of my business. Claire Young, Founder, Mrs Smith Maternity

I wish I had discovered Sprint a year ago. Since participating on the Sprint Programme I feel I have so much clarity & focus in my business. Right now I feel my business has leaped ahead in developing a clear business model. The resources, networks & meeting other entrepreneurs on the same path has been invaluable. Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely space and I wish I had discovered the ecentre earlier – who knows where I would be now. Alen Levis, Founder,

Phase 3: Sprint Build

Every company has unique needs and challenges and therefore ecentre Sprint Build is flexible and caters to the needs of the company. Sprint Build encompasses concepts such as developing and evolving a unique business model, addressing the governance structure, creating a capital plan, assessing legal requirements, capital raising, implementing scalable processes and systems, getting into exporting and building a sales pipeline.

Sprint Build is for companies that have launched, have customers and revenue and are seeking to scale and grow rapidly.

Companies have achieved product-market fit and have developed a customer acquisition process that is scalable.

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