ecentre is currently engaged with a variety of companies throughout New Zealand and the world. These companies range from early stage startups through to well established businesses trading globally.
We work with companies virtually and as residents of our innovation centre. Hot desks, co-working areas and offices at Massey University’s Albany Campus.
Contact ecentre to enquire about space.


For more than 50 years DHI Water and Environment has been the commercial pace-setter in the development of advanced water modelling software. DHI moved to New Zealand in 2004 with the goal of providing continuing technical support and training for their software users, as well as undertaking specialist consultancy services in the water resources and the urban and marine environments. DHI has taken full advantage of their location at the ecentre by using it as a base to build relationships with local knowledge centres, as well as marketing these through DHI’s global presence. Today their software is in widespread use in New Zealand, by city, district and regional councils, engineering consultants and water and power utilities.

Softtech develops and markets applications supporting the global fenestration industry
. Our clients are involved in the manufacture of windows, doors, storefronts, curtain walls (cladding for skyscrapers), shower enclosures, balustrades, and other heavy glass and aluminium products. Softtech tools are customised to our client’s specification to support quoting, production and procurement processes, right through to invoicing. With the quick creation of a quote from an accurate 3D model, information including customer and supplier details, price and product configuration, validated engineering outputs are always at our clients’ fingertips.
Learning Planet_white
LearninPlanet® is all about ‘ME’! By that we mean we’ve created a training resource that can be used as and when anyone needs it – it’s a revolution in e-Learning for individuals and businesses in the areas of Soft skills, Sales, Service and Leadership topics.
It offers unlimited access to both a range of training modules and 1-minute training videos that give tools and skills for practical application in the workplace. There are video clips, quizzes, exercises, online assessments and other interactive tools to help people learn at their own pace and fit it around other demands, or support any classroom-based learning provided. It’s our way of taking, ‘Affordable learning to the world’!
IoTStream provides the core “back-end” component of an IoT solution, the management of connectivity and data. By productising the common elements across all solutions, IoTStream is able to build a platform that covers a wide variety of use cases and applications, alleviating the need for expensive bespoke development. For companies that lack internal expertise and require assistance with devices and applications IoTStream will provide consultancy services for end-to-end solution delivery.
IoTStream currently operates in New Zealand, Australia, the UK and Europe. If you have a passion for IoT and a vision of how connected devices will revolutionise how we live and work get in touch.
FUN8 Is a stepping stone into english speaking countries. A web based learning platform for Chinese speakers which includes elements of culture and employs a practical approach to language learning.
The product is aimed at high school and university students with interest in English speaking countries. The online platform is aiming to have over 300 courses available and will be taught by many native English speaking educators who will be able to teach online in their own time and from different countries. FUN8 are targeting to have 13,500 students using FUN8 in their first year of operation with 60,000 being the target in the second year. There is a planned road show into China where FUN8 will visit more than 20 schools.  It is expected that this will immediately boost the numbers up to 4000 in the early months following launch of the website. Market research shows that there are in excess of 300 Million English language learners in China.
Vigilance_whiteDo you know where all your business’s cash is going?  “How would you know if there is financial fraud happening in your business?” KPMG’s latest fraud survey states – 60% of Australasian businesses reported fraud. And the biggest culprit was the lack of process!
Business relies on good processes and trust in people that become intimate with their cash management systems.  The lack of process creates opportunity for fraudsters.
“Vigilance” interrogates financial data with algorithms to detect unusual and noteworthy transactions, alerting and reporting to stakeholders.   Vigilance requires no integration and is embedded in the day to day processes of the business acting pre-emptively long before cash leaves the bank!
As Directors being distanced from business operations does not distance you from our duty of care.
Haystackjobs is an app for recruiters developed by Alen Levis. Haystack reduces the time it takes for a hiring manager to recruit staff. HR Managers can use the tool to pre select applicants that meet the job requirements form a long list thus saving time and money. The app allows recruiters to review CV’s from anywhere on their mobile device and while on the run.
Initial users are rapt with the app and are grateful for the amount of time freed up from the selection, recruitment and tracking process.
Mobit Technologies_white
Our range of service, support and mobile template design services to suit any budget.  Our team of experts provide education and support to help your business grow and succeed with mobile marketing. Whether you’re an advanced user, a newbie or in need of a full campaign design and management service, we’ve got you covered.
Our team of client success strategists are results-focused and can help you define a short-term and
long-term mobile messaging and marketing strategy that focuses on delivering measurable results.
Whether it’s a fast turnaround broadcast, live event or a 3-6-12 month mobile nurture plan, our team are here to help.
InsuredHQ2InsuredHQ is an innovative software solution for the insurance industry (insurers, brokers and agents) that meets all the sales and policy management needs and expectations in developed countries as well as being perfect for microinsurance in emerging countries.
InsuredHQ capitalises on the founding team’s more than 60 years of insurance industry experience and knowledge.
When the founders of the company were unable to find a practical, flexible and efficient online insurance software system to fulfil all their policy management expectations, they decided to build InsuredHQ – a new and innovative way of using cloud software technology in the insurance industry.
Precept Health_white
Precept Health develops critical care information systems (CCIS) to assist healthcare professionals manage the complexity of delivering care. Our suite of CCIS products is deployed in a wide range of healthcare environments, including intensive care units (ICU), operating rooms, specialty units, and research institutes.  Advancing healthcare by doing more with less.
Precepts products provide comprehensive electronic medical records, with advanced tools for assessment, planning and decision support. With a proven track record of providing a level of service exceeding customer expectations, Precept Health provides technical, clinical and administrative support. Particular care is taken to select highly skilled, ethical people and to ensure that their level of expertise is continually expanded to keep pace with technology advances. Precept is committed to providing cost-effective solutions backed by a team of support and training staff and our team of development engineers.
Founded by entrepreneur and tech industry veteran, Lisarna Wynyard, MicroManager’s goal is simple – to help businesses become more profitable by capturing lost billable time.
Currently in BETA form, MicroManager is a clever smartphone time tracker app that automatically captures travel time, phone calls and off-site meetings, allowing users to easily monitor time spent on tasks that are usually the hardest to keep track of.
It is supported by intuitive desktop software that enables users to monitor work done from the office as well.
PreviewMe is on a mission to take on the recruitment industry with its ground-breaking video platform. The start-up is working with a wide range of businesses and candidates and encouraging them to think differently about how jobs are promoted and applied for.
PreviewMe is definitely one to watch; an employment technology company which acknowledges the importance of chemistry and cultural fit as well as qualifications and experience. Arguably this is the most personal approach to recruitment available. Co-founders and brothers James and Johnny are ready to hit the ground running.
RoleQ is a cloud-based employee feedback platform that gives you as a business leaders a direct line of sight into the role activity in your organisation. With RoleQ, your employees have an opportunity to share with their manager, what really matters to them in their role and this drives the best performance conversations you will ever have. The result – significant lift in engagement and productivity. RoleQ is all about building “Role Intelligence” in your organisation i.e. Role clarity, accountability and alignment with strategic goals. RoleQ is role intelligence made easy!
MimoCareTech that cares when you’re not there.. With new Internet of Things sensor technology, MimoCare creates a protective environment around the home.  You don’t notice it, it just blends into the surroundings Smart software logs elders daily routines and watches out for variations.  It alerts family or Carers by SMS to a potential situation that needs checking.
But MimoCare offers a lot more besides… fall alerts, trending health issues, home care warnings.
Venture Science LabsVentureScience Labs (VSL) is the technology development arm of ecentre Limited.  We emphasise on the D aspect of R&D i.e. development but more importantly delivery. We take on tech-based projects that have the potential to deliver results within 6 months of inception.
The projects are designed in such a way that they solve an existing commercial problem by utilising cutting-edge science and technology available in our ecosystem. With an objective to contribute to the NZ economy, we collaborate with local businesses and multinational corporates.
We are commercialising technologies with the emphasis on manufacturing and assembling the products in NZ, thereby creating jobs. We use design-led product development processes.


PRIMER-e (Quest Research Limited) is a boutique research and software development company in the field of ecological statistics. We create new statistical methods and software to analyse and visualise multivariate data, especially for biology, ecology and environmental sciences. Our software (PRIMER and PERMANOVA+) is used in over 100 countries across thousands of academic institutions, government organisations and private consulting firms world-wide.
Our mission is to empower researchers by making the best cutting-edge quantitative tools accessible, beautiful, scientifically rigorous and fun. We also present workshops in New Zealand and abroad to teach new research methods, to demonstrate how to implement them using the PRIMER/PERMANOVA+ software, and how to interpret the results. You do the research. We’ll do the stats.