Is this you?
  • Need an investor or access to money to start developing your idea?
  • Want to meet entrepreneurs like yourself who have been there/done that?
  • Need a partner, developer, marketer or designer to help start your business?
  • Need a mentor, coach, business advisor or sounding board?
  • Want to learn the latest proven methods for starting a business?
  • Want connections to networks and people who can help?
Maybe it is the right time for you to find out if your idea could be successful and start your own business. We can make this easier for you through our extensive experience of working with startups and finding better ways to reduce risk and ensure success.
We provide a combination of business advice, training, mentoring, partnering, connections and access to funding.
We have a proven approach to creating, validating and developing a business idea. This approach minimises cost and resources while improving speed to market and growth.
We can introduce you to our networks, experts and the resources of Massey University. Join a support programme and meet like-minded entrepreneurs..
Talk to us about our short course called Sprint.
Sprint is designed for entrepreneurs wanting to learn more about how to evaluate their idea and start their own business. It covers methodologies and their practical application on your business idea and includes seminars, workshops and expert mentoring.
Sprint can be done conveniently, part time and is affordable and flexible. Your business idea must be innovative, scalable, have export potential and be in a market in which we have experience and access to expertise. Our focus is on building capability so it is important that you are ready to make a commitment, be coached and take advice. We do not offer this online so you must be able to attend our workshops in person at ecentre in Auckland.
Sprint Develop is an ongoing support programme for business founders to work collaboratively and develop a business prototype and become investment-ready.
More about Sprint here.
To find out if you qualify for Sprint contact Brad.