Is this you?
  • Want to grow faster but not sure how?
  • Need more customers?
  • Need more effective marketing?
  • Need help to identify your constraints to growth?
  • Want software and business processes that will scale?
  • Need an investor or access to money for growth?
We can help to identify constraints and strategies for growth, get you ready for investment or help you develop a scalable business model.
Analyse your business to gain a better understanding of what is needed in order to scale and grow. There is no magic formula, every company is different and our approach does not use a standardised structure or process.
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Talk to us about our Strategy Session workshop for small businesses.
We run one-on-one strategy workshops with business owners and CEOs to identify strategic priorities in the path to growth. The outcome is a better understanding of how to scale and grow the business.
This workshop is particularly helpful for companies that are in the first 10 years of trading but have not found a successful and sustainable business model for growth. Software and other technology-based companies will find this very relevant.
The workshop requires a 1-1.5 hour workshop session to background the key issues facing the company. This is followed by a 2 hour workshop one to four weeks later developing strategies to address any key issues.
Strategy Session workshops have qualified for the NZTE Capability Development Voucher Scheme. Please contact us for more information and advice on how to get a voucher.
To find out more contact Dorian.