Creating a Great Customer Experience

As a startup founder, creating a great customer experience is essential to the growth and stability of your business. One of the fastest ways you will achieve the growth you need is through creating a great customer experience.

Search engine optimisation, content marketing and paid advertising will all help drive customers to your website, however if their experience is lacking, you’ll have a hard time converting that traffic into sales.

Experiment with your CTA’s

A great call to action (CTA) can make all of the difference. The standards of “Buy Now!” “Click here for more Info!” or “Request a Quote” are tried and true. They work because they are simple. However, for that same reason they can go unnoticed.

Experiment with different language and don’t be afraid to be creative. If your product is truly life changing, back up that claim with your call to action. Consider ditching “Buy Now” and replacing it with “Change My Life, Please!” You’d be surprised how impactful a small change like that can make.

Personalise the Experience

When you conduct a large portion of your business online it can be difficult to connect with your customers. Personalise your interactions as much as possible. One of the easiest ways to do this is with your welcome and follow-up emails.

Of course, your emails are automated. This is important for the sake of efficiency. A great way to add on to this is to connect with your customers personally. A little goes a long way. How many times have you joined a mailing list and been bombarded with annoying emails that just seem fake?

When you can separate yourself from the pack and treat each customer like a family member or a friend, you will be setting yourself apart. What’s more, customers don’t expect a personal touch so it can be more impactful.

Put Yourself Front and Centre

Marketers and salespeople have a saying: “people buy from people.” This is the reason why there are still salespeople in the world. When your business operates online, this can be a challenge. Your face should be synonymous with the company. Don’t be afraid to show it via your company’s “About Us” page on your website and also on social media.

Live streaming video chats can go a long way towards connecting a face to the company and making customers feel like they’re dealing with a real person that cares. Use this opportunity to showcase your products, discuss your company values or hold a Q&A with your customers. Make it an ongoing thing and keep the customer engaged and happy.

Define Your Processes

Many a startup has come undone due to a lack of organisational planning. Before you take your first order, you should already have protocols set up for how you will approach various situations. How will you onboard users? What’s your policy on refunds? How will you handle returns?

Customer service is at the frontline of the customer experience. A few stats to keep in mind:
* A company only hears from less than 5% of dissatisfied customers
* 51% of customers say they will only contact a company for support one time before giving up.
* 86% of customers say that a single negative customer service experience is enough for them to top doing business with a company.

The “Word of Mouth” World

The current business climate is such that customers have options with where to spend their dollars. The internet has increased competition across all industries and even the most well-funded startup can struggle to make a dent.

Creating a great customer experience is one of the ways that you can set your business apart and garner a reputation that your startup isn’t messing around.

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