Hire Smart Early

Hiring employees can be a tough job no matter what stage your startup is at. Human resources may well be the most important part of your business. However, they can often be the most overlooked or neglected. Culture Makes a Difference As a startup, attracting the right mix of talent and value can be difficult. … Continued

Keeping the Sales Pipeline Going

As a startup, you already know that generating sales is important. Sales and growth are always on the menu and they go hand in hand. Many startups fail early because of a lack of revenue. If the sales pipeline dries up, bad times are ahead. Without consistent annual growth, startups face failure. So how do … Continued

Startup Trends for 2017

Whether you’ve already launched your startup or are giving some serious thought to starting one, keeping current with the trends of the industry can be beneficial. Looking forward, there are a number of startup trends that are already taking shape for 2017. We should expect to see some of the biggest booms in startup ventures … Continued

When It’s Time For Customers to Move Up

Most startups have more than one product or pricing level. In all likelihood, yours is no different. In the early days of a startup you may consider offering your customers a lower price in exchange for their business. Some startups even offer to lock customers in to this rate (aka grandfather) for the length of … Continued

Finding Your Niche

As a startup, finding your audience is an important part of success. Simply put, you want to get your message out to your target customer in a manner that’s clear and engaging. Startups should talk early and often about their business, however there does come a time when the message needs to be focused. When … Continued

Creating a Great Customer Experience

As a startup founder, creating a great customer experience is essential to the growth and stability of your business. One of the fastest ways you will achieve the growth you need is through creating a great customer experience. Search engine optimisation, content marketing and paid advertising will all help drive customers to your website, however … Continued

Fundraising Mistakes Startup Founders Make

You may have bootstrapped your startup to get things in motion, but at a certain point, most startup founders need to find investors in order to take the next step. For the inexperienced founder, the prospect of a blank cheque launching your dream to the next level can sometimes lead to clouded judgement and rash … Continued

RoleQ: Real-time Data to Drive the Best Performance Discussion You will Ever Have!

RoleQ is the first online platform that offers real-time data analytics and insights into role activity within the workforce.  The platform empowers managers and employees to have meaningful performance discussions, based on real role activity,  which in turn leads to improved productivity. After incubating the business through ecentre in 2015, the RoleQ team went on … Continued

The Importance of A/B Testing

As a startup, you no doubt understand the importance of A/B testing. A/B testing is the method of comparing two or more variations of a website or app and determining which version performs best. This method is also widely used in marketing to determine ad copy, ad design and more. Many would consider A/B testing … Continued

Customer Alignment and Startups

To any startup, achieving market fit is crucial. One of the ways to go about doing that is to also achieve optimal customer alignment. Customer alignment is reached when the needs and goals of the customer are in sync with the needs and goals of the the startup. Achieving customer alignment is an important step … Continued