Are all early stage investors the same? A cultural perspective

Are you an entrepreneur that is frustrated and baffled by what investors are really looking for in your pitches? Have you read one too many articles online and taken advice from everyone you can possibly think of on how to maximize effectiveness in your fund raising campaigns? Have you had promising pitches with potential investors … Continued

Why Customers Leave (and How to Stop Them)

Customer acquisition is an important part of any business. Customer retention is equally as important. If your startup business offers a subscription based product, such as with a SaaS company, the latter may be more important. Add “reducing churn” to your already long list of business growth objectives. Churn rate is the rate at which … Continued

To Be or Not To Be – How Shakespeare Can Help Your Startup

Certain things “go together.” Soap and water. Thunder and Lightning. And of course, Shakespeare and business. There are many reasons why the work of William Shakespeare has endured for centuries. Was he a genius? Yes. Was he a gifted writer? Of course. However, a major reason is also because he spent a long time thinking … Continued

Sales Tips for Startups

In the age of technology, starting a business has never been easier—and it’s possible to do it from the comfort of your own home. How does an online startup entrepreneur tactfully attract a clientele base who will advocate positively for their company? How do you get the people who visit your website to stay long … Continued

The Goldilocks Pricing Plan

Too high, too low or just right? Determining cost, value and appropriate placement of your product or service is an important part of any startup business. Many startup founders and entrepreneurs struggle with pricing, and it’s largely due to two completely opposite, but equally misguided ways of thinking. Like Goldilocks, some startups go too hot … Continued

Feel the Burn

The goal of any startup business is growth and profitability, in that order. Whether you’re privately funded or have been fortunate enough to have the backing of investors, the old adage that “it costs money to make money” is alive and well in startup culture. Hiring, training, marketing, product development and all points in between … Continued

Creating your first Advisory Board

Startups can benefit greatly from a well-selected and well-managed Advisory Board. A founder entrepreneur with a good team has more credibility when approaching potential customers or partners. Advisory Board members can bring specific expertise, experience and connections that enhance the success of the startup. An entrepreneur can engage experts and mentors without giving up any … Continued

Keep the Momentum Going after Startup Weekend

Startup Weekend Auckland was all about making ideas happen, connecting like-minded people and ruthless execution. As an entrepreneur, weekends like this are a great way to get yourself on track, find a team and get motivated to succeed.   That was the easy part. After the event, however, a drop-off is expected. It is really … Continued

Seminar on Growth Hacking: Growing your startup online

How can a startup growth hack its way to traction? This was the topic of an ecentre Lunchbag Seminar.  You only need about $4,000 to leverage 15 high-value growth tactics for your business. These tactics include talking to customers, getting expert advice, testing early and frequently, tracking progress and importantly, keep learning. To strengthen the … Continued

From a Business Idea to Reality in 54 Hours

It was exciting to be part of New Zealand’s biggest ever Startup Weekend. After about 70 pitches on Friday night 14 teams were created and entrepreneurs toiled through day and night last weekend to turn their dreams into reality. The two days saw some brilliant ideas coming up e.g. training drone enthusiasts for emergencies, finding … Continued