Lessons on Fundraising

Fundraising is a top priority for many early stage startups, and for good reason. Since your early goals focus around building and growing your business, it should go without saying that you need capital to get there. Some startup founders are natural fundraisers, while others must work hard to perfect their pitch. In any case, … Continued

3 Online Tools For Your Startup

When it comes to business, no matter what your industry, “using the right tool for the right job” is important. As a startup, the same holds true. Whether it’s customer acquisition, team collaboration, or managing your finances; using the right program can make all the difference. You already know that your early goals are centred … Continued

Creating a Facebook Community

As a startup, getting the word out there about your business is important. While the offline world still presents several effective channels; more companies are turning to the online world to generate exposure. In a world driven by social media, it goes without saying that Facebook is easily at the top of the social media … Continued

Finding Your Ideal Customer

For a startup, especially in the early days, one of first things you need to determine is how you will find your ideal customer. All companies have an ideal customer, even those who market and appeal to several demographics. What all companies have in common is that at a certain point the founders sat down … Continued

What Boxing Can Teach You About Your Competition

As a startup founder, you must roll with the punches to be successful. No matter how well you plan, the industry has a way of throwing a jab or a hook when you’re not ready for it. In a sector that is subject to quickly changing conditions, newcomers, and surprises, everyone gets hit eventually. The … Continued

You Need To Grow. Here’s Why You Aren’t

Growth is the goal of any startup. Even the term, “startup” is frequently only applied to young companies who show a tremendous potential for rapid, sustained growth. It is for this, and other reasons, why we are constantly hammering the “grow, grow, grow” mantra at the ecentre. If growth were easy, however, then no startup … Continued

Employee Option Plans: The Good and Bad

One of the most dreaded topics in an interview for both sides is how payment is going to work. And while no one wants to work for free, a new startup may not be able to offer the same compensation as a larger, more well established company would. After all, startups often find themselves in … Continued

The Importance of Customer Acquisition

Today’s startup founders have access to more data than ever before. Site traffic, open rates, conversion rates, and more are letting business owners dive more deeply into their customers’ behaviour. However, all the data in the world can’t help you if you fail to attract customers in the first place. A solid customer acquisition strategy … Continued

Should You Outsource Your Startup?

In the early days of your startup, you’ll be tempted to find ways to take things off your plate. Since startups are all about growth, you’ll want to look for ways to focus on that goal while freeing up resources in other areas. One of the ways you may look to accomplish this, is through … Continued

Avoiding the Product Death Cycle

The product death cycle can be an absolute nightmare for hopeful startup companies who believe that their product is slotted to be an absolute life changer for the masses. What’s worse, sometimes this hits without warning. You’ve worked hard to build your startup and launch a great product. What’s even better is that sales are … Continued