ecentre partners are organisations that have a special and close relationship with ecentre. Our partners share with us the goal of creating more successful global businesses in New Zealand to increase innovation and prosperity.
ecentre builds strong relationships with its partners through alliances and joint ventures in order to achieve more through collaboration than can be achieved alone. Partners bring diverse expertise, resources, channels to market and networks that support ecentre companies to validate, develop, scale and succeed in global markets.
If you wish to become an ecentre partner please contact us.

Massey University
As the national university Massey University drives change at home and takes the best of the nation’s intellect to the world. The excellent research and research-led teaching is repected internationally and here in New Zealand. Massey lecturers nurture the expertise and skills of students to explore new frontiers and apply new information. Massey is the engine of new New Zealand – defining a better future for all.
ecentre works closely with university academics to provide expertise and mentoring for start up businesses. ecentre and Massey University run joint events, seminars and courses to increase technology transfer and support economic growth and prosperity.

Callaghan Innovation
Callaghan Innovation is a government organisation that accelerates the commercialisation of innovation by companies in New Zealand. They help companies bring new products and services to market faster and with more success through linking them to the skills, resources and funding they need.
Callaghan Innovation is a supporter of the work by ecentre to develop more high growth, high tech companies with global aspirations.
ecentre assists companies to access funding by Callaghan Innovation that supports early stage companies through research and development, employment of graduates and evaluation of intellectual property.

ATEED promotes targeted growth in Auckland and provides direct help to businesses in the region to improve economic performance and lifestyles. ATEED works to attract new talent and new investment to the region.
ecentre, in partnership with the Business and Sector Development teams in ATEED, is fostering the innovation ecosystem through a range of economic development activities, such as workshops, cluster development, seminars, business coaching, training and technology development projects.

New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) is the government export development agency which provides financial and export assistance to ecentre clients. NZTE helps companies to develop export markets and provides advice to startups on getting ready for exporting. For exporting companies they provide in-depth market reports and in-country assistance with contacts and business protocols.
Many ecentre companies are ‘global from day one’ and so are introduced to NZTE at an early stage to access their expertise and support. NZTE is a provider of the Regional Business Partner Network and ecentre is a registered training provider under this scheme delivering training courses for startups and small businesses looking for growth.

BizSpark Network Partner
BizSpark gives startups fast and easy access to Microsoft’s current full-featured development tools, platform technologies as well as production licenses to bring to market innovative and inter-operable solutions for the next generation of user experiences.
To be eligible for the Microsoft BizSpark Programme, startups must be actively engaged in development of a software based product or service that is a core piece of their business model, have been in business for less than five years and have less than USD $1m in revenue. Startups may enrol for the programme by obtaining sponsorship from the ecentre, a designated BizSpark Network partner.

NTEC Tertiary Group
The National Tertiary Education Consortium is a group of tertiary education providers with branches around New Zealand providing training and qualifications to foreign students. At the heart of Ntec is a group of dedicated multinational staff who share the same passion towards education. The Ntec schools have a proud record of educational excellence and innovation, and this is reflected in their NZQA External Evaluation and Review reports.
In a new initiative, The New Enterprise Centre, ecentre and Ntec have collaborated to provide students with training in entrepreneurship and how to start your own business. This programme is helping prepare students for the workplace and for some it is helping them to validate and develop their own business ventures.

New Zealand Software Association (NZSA) is the primary support organisation for accessing the skills, channels and support required to successfully export our software to the world. It delivers an environment where the best of local and international intelligence can be shared to grow global success stories from New Zealand.

As one of the world’s leading idea and technology commercialisation firms, EveredgeIP provides specialist resources and objective, insightful advice to maximise returns from your investment in new product development and intellectual property.
Our unique blend of experience in technology, law and business has led us to become a supplier of innovation and expert guidance to ambitious technology entrepreneurs and the world’s largest companies.
EveredgeIP provide advice and expertise for ecentre start up companies in intellectual property strategy and commercialisation.

The New Zealand Innovation Council
The NZ Innovation Council is a private organisation with a social purpose – to help New Zealand businesses innovate and grow.
It provides access to resources, nationwide events, experts, funding and profile through the New Zealand Innovators Awards.

CMCTEC is a joint venture between CMC India (a subsidiary of TATA Group) and ecentre. Its role is to assist NZ technology companies to enter the Indian, Middle East and Asian markets. This unique and innovative project has helped NZ companies to validate their product in India and other markets at low risk and low cost compared to alternative market entry strategies.
ecentre helps to identify and prequalify companies for the CMCTEC service and CMC provides resources to test products and provide feedback from overseas markets.

Arrowrock is a small business providing expert services in cloud-based computing. Arrowrock offers a unique combination of expertise, strategy, professional implementation and technical support for companies looking to exploit the cloud.
ecentre and Arrowrock together raise the awareness of many small companies to the potential opportunities and issues associated with the cloud through seminars, workshops and public debates.

Flying Kiwi Angels are a group of angel investors who have a genuine interest in helping start-ups. FKA do not charge a commission on fund raising and they help startups to get investment ready. Members of the FKA have a variety of interests and experience and will conduct due diligence on a startup and its business model and market advantage.
FKA provides a pitch and feedback session for start-ups called Angel Drop In (ADI). Early stage startups and entrepreneurs with a business idea are encouraged to participate in the ecentre Sprint programme from which they can be referred to the ADI when ready.

Simmonds Stewart
Corporate and commercial legal services for the technology sector.  We are a boutique technology law firm, providing corporate and commercial legal services focused on the New Zealand technology sector.
We are passionate about finding ways to make “the law” accessible to the tech sector, including early stage companies that need to get the legal basics right but have limited budgets for this purpose.
Our senior lawyers have all worked overseas and have been involved in many international technology transactions, including IPOs and mergers and acquisitions. We use our experience to help New Zealand companies do business offshore, with their “end game” in mind.
Like Silicon Valley law firms, we open doors for our clients in New Zealand and overseas.

Hudson Gavin Martin
Business isn’t a strategy of chance. It’s about taking calculated risks, risks that make a difference. It’s our job to know what you have got and how to leverage it.
Hudson Gavin Martin help you establish intellectual property, exploit intellectual property and secure the appropriate rights to intellectual property.
We help find where the value is by understanding the opportunities presented by that intellectual property and how it could be part of your business.
Because it’s what the idea is, and how it fits that matters.

Grow North
New Zealand is becoming one of the best places in the world to create and test new ideas before launching them onto the world’s markets and the Auckland North district is a fantastic place to base a business and live, learn, work and play.
Auckland leaders have gathered together to create a vibrant innovation ecosystem to encourage more innovation and scaleable ventures within the northern innovation corridor. Research carried out by Massey University informed a Grow North strategy which is now being implemented under the guidance of a steering group representing businesses, university and government.
The Grow North initiative is now connecting people and groups together to create a single school-to-scaleup innovation escalator and the ecentre is a critical partner to help increase the number of researchers, academics, innovative and ambitious pioneering businesses clustered in the area.
Grow North Smart Innovation District is sponsored by Massey University, ATEED and the BNZ. For further information about the Grow North Smart Innovation District.

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