ecentre provides opportunities for students to gain work experience relevant to their studies. Successful candidates work alongside entrepreneurs, giving them a practical experience of the challenges and triumphs of being a startup. Projects undertaken can often contribute to a student’s higher level education outcomes. To enquire about our intern programme, contact us here.
Steve Jake
“The internship at ecentre provided me with valuable hands-on experience and a better idea about what professional knowledge and skills are needed to be a successful financial analyst. Each day brought different challenges for me. It was valuable to consider every financial part of the project and I relished having had the opportunity to make decisions on my own.
It was a wonderful opportunity to learn and get a better understanding about in-depth sales forecast, accounting and financial projection. I can definitely say that my finance knowledge has been greatly enhanced and I hope I can continue to learn and develop within this complex yet hugely rewarding sector.”
Steve (Nam Nguyen)
Summer Intern 2014/15
My intern experience in ecentre was very precious to me. During the first period, I learned the general idea of how the ecentre helped new technology companies. Building the incubator model, creating the financial analysis sheets and doing the marketing strategy plan were necessary in that process. In the following period, I worked for The Story Mint, a startup out of the ecentre. My English writing skills were improved during this time. The most interesting and challenging thing was writing the user’s guide for The Style Guide, a product integral to the Story Mint. I also took part in several business meetings with Steve (CEO of ecentre) and Suraya (CEO of The Story Mint).
The whole internship made me know the difference between the academic world and the real-life business world. I really appreciated the opportunity, which not only improved my English ability but also helped me build up my teamwork abilities and communication skills. The ecentre internship experience played a vital role in my future career development.
Tianjunyi Wu
Summer Intern 2013/14
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